Cards and wrapping for all occasions stretch along the walland change to include season-specific selections from small and local designers.

We love our eye-catching selection of sheet wrapping paper inbold and celebratory prints. They can be used for special occasions or just because someone deserves a token of appreciation or affection.

If you’re in the thick of family-life, you may need a more substantial haul of wrapping paper to hand. In which case our rolls made from recycled cotton offcuts from garment manufacturers are just the thing – pop them in a handy cupboard or corner in preparation for last-minute birthday party attendances.Although it’s almost too pretty to use to wrap presents.

Gift bags can be a really good choice if you prefer a reusable option. Ours are certainly lovely enough and durable enough to be passed from recipient to recipient.

Party stationery and noteless are also dotted about within this department.