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Armstrong Ward has the outfits to dress your little one like a celebrity child!

Celebrity Culture has gripped Britain, not only are we aspiring to have the homes , cars and wardrobes of the rich and famous but we also want our children to have that stylish edge that celebrity’s kids now have.

Armstrong Ward has a lovely collection of child ranges from the very popular “Very Very Frilly Tutu’s” to the gorgeous Toby Tiger collection which has a massive celebrity following with customers that have included Zoë Ball, Vic Reeves, Gwyneth Paltrow, Catherine Zeta Jones and Davina McCall.

Armstrong Ward prides itself is stocking clothes ranges that are not readily available on the high street, ensuring your child no matter how young can be stylish and cute.

Store owner Jaqueline Ward explains the inspiration behind her clothing ranges, “I have two children and often want them to be in something different to what every other child is wearing but without breaking the bank. Since expanding our Children’s clothes range we find that kids love to experiment with the way they look, and really enjoy the idea of appearing like their favourite celebrities. The clothes we stock are durable and washable.”

Jaqueline comments, “We look to celebrities regularly for fashion inspiration and to learn about the latest trends. Dressing your little ones doesn’t have to be any different. The children of fashion-forward celebrities are often passed down a great sense of style that you can use as a reference when ditching the boring kids’ clothes and opting for star style.”

The children’s clothes ranges at Armstrong Ward include: Toby tiger, Toffee moon, Bonnie Baby, Albetta, Bob and Blossom, Frugi, Inch blue (shoes), Noa Noa Miniature, Tutu du Monde, Toots Mcginty, Bebe and No Added Sugar.

The ranges are available both online at and in-store in our Lake District branch.