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Spring in our step: now lead stockist for John Sankey Furniture

Wow, just wow.
The support from you all this past few weeks has been overwhelming, it has brought us great joy to see our shop brimming with life again. Thank you to you all. We had butterflies in our tummies when we were finally able to open our doors after all that time spent closed. You have all given us hope for the future and we really hope that things are looking brighter for you also.

Spring is most definitely here now and we couldn’t help but smile on our walk along the river bank these past few mornings, daffodils, bluebells, blossom. It certainly is a time for new beginnings and the delight of spring colours. Speaking of new beginnings, we have new collections from our wonderful brands and artisan makers right across the store; from toys to furniture. Bringing a breath of fresh air into your home, and a touch of spring seems even more important this year.

We have long been fans of John Sankey furniture and have worked with this heritage brand for over 15 years, and are delighted to have been recently appointed as lead regional stockist. This wonderful brand is testament to British craftsmanship, with each piece of furniture not only a feast for the eyes but of a quality that is made to last. Contemporary or classic, each piece will stand the test of time, and are fully customizable, so colour and style can be unique to you. With a new season brings new shapes and lighter and brighter prints and we have recently been working with a customer styling the stunning art deco inspired ‘Albert’ chairs in a luxurious blush pink. Such inspiration on our doorstep.

John Sankey furniture also have a commitment to sustainability, which really sits well within our values here at Armstrong Ward. This is not ‘throwaway furniture’ these are legacy pieces, not trend pieces, that can be passed down to Grandchildren…if you ever want to part with them that is!
We get a real buzz about what we do, and shopping small means we can provide you with a personal bespoke service and you will always get to deal directly with us. As you may have realised we really love what we do, and feel so happy to be back chatting to customers in real life. Whilst we love our online shop, which is here for you 24/7, we just love the inspiration and learning that meeting our customers brings.

As always we are here to help, and can always pop the kettle on and discuss the endless options when it comes to fabric and finishing touches for furniture. We don’t talk about this often but we also offer an interior design service, and we just love a good project.

We hope you all have a wonderful week and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily inspirations and general musings direct from the shop.