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Summer things for little ones

It’s hard to believe we are nearly at the last half term of this academic school year. We know everyone says it but where has the year gone?! It has flown by these past few weeks especially since reopening the shop and we appreciate every single one of you who has popped in, even just to say hello. It fills us with delight to see the beautiful town of Kendal thriving again and full of people.

With summer around the corner (and this weather at the moment, so gorgeous) we thought it would be nice to chat about all the lovely summer things for littles ones. Not just in the shop but also to share a few summer activities we enjoy year in year out.

We have some really great things to help little ones to get out in the garden and start to explore. As children we spent many a happy summer out in the garden building dens and having picnics and have carried this tradition on with our own children. Yes, all your blankets and pillows end up out in the garden but, hey, who cares? We have the most brilliant den building kit in the shop (and on the website) at the moment, and what is extra great about it is that it really does promote creativity. There’s no wrong way to build a den and sometimes the more creative you get the better!

Another thing we love for summer days is getting muddy and we couldn’t help but smile when we saw this ‘make a pizza for bird’s kit’ it’s so inventive and also a bit messy so a win all around for children. It comes with all the seeds a bird could possibly want upon their ‘pizza’ and also has the most delightfully illustrated bird identification cards.

Of course bug hunting has always been high on our priority list during sunny days, and containers full of woodlice and beetles have often adorned our windowsills at home for a few hours. This little entomology kit is great bit of kit for inquisitive youngsters and even has an insect spotter card included so you can identify what you’ve found. Handy if like us you don’t know your millipede from your centipede.

If the weather does stay fine this summer, we like to fling out blankets on the grass and have a good old picnic with friends. Children running around all pink cheeked and full of the joys of sunshine, while we eat copious amounts of food and doze off in the sun.

The shop is looking really lovely at the moment, and we have new arrivals in our children’s clothing department. We really love the retro style sweatshirts and think they are perfect for pairing with a pair of cotton shorts and wellingtons for a day of exploring. For wetter summer days we, of course, have a huge selection of wooden toys, which are not only of great quality but also help to keep plastic toy consumption down.

Let us know in the comments below what your go to summer activities are, and what you will be getting up to with the children during the holidays. We’re going to plan in a fair few walks and exploring of the local area, living so close to the beautiful Lake District makes us feel so lucky. Exploring on our doorstep and supporting the other small businesses in our local area is important to us.

As always you can follow along with our daily inspirations and life over on our social channels, and here’s to hoping for some warmer weather very soon.